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Men Who Marched and Fought Well.

Flynt, James T., wounded badly in right hand June 1, 1862, in battle of Seven Pines; never fit for duty afterwards.

Flynt, William D., wounded in right arm in second battle of Manassas, August 30, 1862; detailed October 20, 1862, by order of Secretary of War.

Flynt, O. K.

Gilliam, James L., detailed government tanner, afterwards transferred to Fifth Regiment, Virginia Cavalry.

Gilbert, Beverly, wounded May 12, 1864, in battle at Brook Church.

Ceroid, Garland F., wounded in battle at Gaines Mill, June 27, 1862, left leg amputated. Honorably discharged October 7, 1863, for this cause.

Garnett, William J., wounded in right arm, Gaines Mill, June 27, 1862.

Garnett, Milton, transferred Thirty-ninth Battalion, Virginia Cavalry, December 19, 1864.

Gregory, Benjamin F., enlisted March 15, 1862,

Goss, John W., transferred Company "K," Second Regiment, Virginia Cavalry, and from there to Thirty-ninth Battalion. Virginia Cavalry.

Gore, James, discharged 1862, "by conscript act," over 35 years of age.

Goss, Ebenezer, enlisted October 10, 1864: exchanged with H. T. McCune to Thirty-ninth Battalion, Virginia Cavalry, November 22,, 1864.

Harlow, Samuel M.

Herring, Henry A., detailed brigade teamster.

Herring, John Henry.

Hill, William H., wounded in hand, Second Manassas, August 30, 1862.

Hall, Henry J., killed in battle at Gettysburg, July 3, 1863.

Hall, William S., wounded in right shoulder, Gaines Mill. June 2j, 1862.

Hall, Joseph M., enlisted March 28, 1862.

Hall, E. B., honorably discharged and detailed to other service.

Harris, William, honorably discharged and detailed to other service.