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The Virginia Convention of 1788.

The United States


To Alx. St. Clair, Dr.

Sept. 20.—To four Quires writing paper 2-6 per quire, 10 shillings. Depreciation<
17th Nov., 1781, at 1,000 per I.... 500 pounds

Staunton, Va., Nov. 30th. Reed, payment of Capt. Thos. Hamilton.

(Signed) Alx. St. Clair.

The United States


To Robt. Baggs, Dr.

Sept. 9. — To my pay, as a wagon master, from July 24th last, to this day, inclusive, being 47 days at 48 shillings per day, pounds 9-8-0.

Sept. 27. — By cash received pounds 3 950 currency at 600 pounds per 1. . . .. . . 6. 11. 8.
By ditto pounds 2, 21, 13 at 1,000 per 1 . . . 2. 16. 4.

Pounds. ... 9. 8. 0.

Staunton, Va., 30th November, 1781. Received payment of Capt. Thomas Hamilton the sum of six thousand, seven hundred and sixty-pounds, thirteen shillings and four pence, currency, in full for the above acct.

(Signed) Robt. Baggs.

The above accounts read like a page from the history of the days of the ill-fated Southern Confederacy of 1861-'65.

At the date of the assembling of the Convention (1788) the State of Kentucky was an integral part of the Old Dominion and was known in the geography of the State as the District of Kentucky, and was divided into seven counties, and was represented in the Convention as follows: Bourbon County by Henry Lee and Notlaw Conn; Fayette County by Humphrey Marshall and John Fowler; Jefferson County by Robt. Breckinbridge and Rice Bullock; Nelson County by Mathew Walton and John Steele; Mercer County by Thomas Allen and Alx.