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List of General Officers and their Staffs.
  Dr. W. E. Kemble, Assistant Surgeon, January, 1862.
Major Clark Kennerley, Chief Ordnance Officer, August, 1863.
Colonel T. B. Lanor, A. A. G., December, 1862, to September, 1863.
Captain Robert L. Maupin, A. A. G., July 18, 1863.
Major Danville Leadbetter, Chief Engineer, January-April, 1864.
Lieutenant George D. Wise, A. D. C, May, 1862; promoted Captain and A. D. C. to General Beauregard; killed June 14, 1864.

Jones, Samuel, Brigadier-General, July 21, 1861; Major-General, May 10, 1862; died in Washington, D. C, August, 1887.
Staff.—— Captain Giles B. Cooke, A. A. G.; transferred from General P. St. George Cocke to General Beauregard; to General Bragg; to General Sam Jones; and in the fall of 1864 to General R. E. Lee, as Major and A. A. G.
Major C. S. Stringfellow, A. A. G.

Major W. B. Myers, A. & I. G., December, 1862; same to General Gordon in 1865.

Major Thos. Noble, Quartermaster; transferred to Alabama, 1864, on special service.
Lieutenant P. C. Warwick, A. D. C, 1862.

Jones, Wm. Edmondson, Brigadier-General of Cavalry, September 19, 1862; killed at Piedmont, Va., June 5, 1864.
Staff.—— Captain W. K. Martin, A. A. G.
Lieutenant W. M. Hopkins, A. D. C.

Jordan, Thomas, Brigadier-General, April 14, 1862; Chief of Staff to General Beauregard; died in New York City November 27, 1895.

Kemper, James Lawson, Brigadier-General, June 3, 1862; wounded at Gettysburg July 3, 1863; Major-General, September 19, 1864; died at Orange Courthouse, Va., April 7, 1895.