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18 Southern Historical Society Papers.

Burton, Sidney, second sergeant; killed at Todd's Tavern, near Spotsylvania Courthouse.

Briggs, George R.

Bridgforth, Robert E., discharged on account of disability in 1861.

Carter, Thomas.

Carter, Hill, captured and imprisoned at Point Lookout.

Chapman, A. B., wounded by sabre cut at Ely's Ford.

Clark, Nick, a Marylander; fourth sergeant; died in the. service.

Clark, John.

Cosby, James.

Cousins, E. S.

Deppish, E. C, a Marylander ; came in as a substitute.

Dunnavant, John Phill.

Dunnavant, William R.

Eldridge, William M.

Eggleston, William, second sergeant at the beginning of the war.

Eggleston, George Cary, transferred to artillery.

Farlev, Frank, captured and imprisoned at Point Lookout.

Featherston, John, over the military age and discharged.

Fowlkes, Adrian, a model soldier.

Foster, Edmund, third corporal ; died in the service at Fair- fax Courthouse.

Foster, John Booker.

Gills, Miller, put in a substitute, an Irishman, who soon de- serted.

Gills, George Dabney, second corporal.

Glenn, Lee, wounded at Winchester.

Godsey, William A., captured at Spotsylvania Courthouse.

Goode, John C, put in a substitute.

Goode, Robert, detailed as courier for General Stuart.

Gresham, William A., wounded at Fort Harrison; captured and imprisoned.

Gresham, Edwin.

Haskins, John, elected sheriff of Amelia County.

Harris, Charles M., wounded at Reams' Station.