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Southern Historical Society Papers.

[From Baltimore, Md., Democratic Telegram, January 14, 1911.]


Isaac R. Trimble Camp, Baltimore, Md.—Gallant Major W. M. Cary Now Commander—Was on Staff of Lee and Johnston—Perilous Exploit of Himself and Sisters with Battle Flags—Reception by Maryland Confederate Regiment.

Contention of Fair School Histories—Encouragement Over Disclosures in Hearing by Mayor Mahool.

The Isaac R. Trimble Camp, No. 1025, United Confederate Veterans, Baltimore, on Tuesday, 3d inst, held its annual election of officers, when the following were chosen, unanimously:

Commander, Major Wilson Miles Cary; First Lieutenant Commander, Winfield Peters; Second Lieutenant Commander, Spottswood Bird; Third Lieutenant Commander, James W. Denny; Fourth Lieutenant Commander, William F. Wheatley; Adjutant, Luther W. Hopkins; Quartermaster, George W. Walker; Surgeon, Dr. James G. W hiltshire; Assistant Surgeons, Dr. Alexander T. Bell, Dr. Louis W. Knight and Dr. William L. Morgan; Chaplains, Rev. Henry M. Wharton, D. D., Rev. Henry T. Sharp and Rev. William C. Maloy; Officer of the Day, Captain Henry Gwynn; Paymaster, John Brune Cary; Commissary, Edward Kershaw; Vidette, J. Murray Wliarton; Chief Musician, Alexander J. Hubbard; Sergeant Major, William H. H. Raleigh; Quartermaster Sergeant, Charles Murray Jackson; Commissary Sergeant, Henry H. Martindale; Ordnance Sergeant, A. Campbell Glocker; Color Guard, viz: Judge Myer J. Block, First Sergeant; George C. Minor, Second Sergeant; Gustavus W. Lurman, First Corporal; Charles E. Biedler, Second Corporal; Solomon Wright, Third Corporal; N. Frank Neer, Fourth Corporal.

Death claimed six members of the Camp during the past year, namely, Captains John G. Lobban and John E. Sudler, Lieutenant