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Southern Historical Society Papers.

Since the inscription was obliterated by the order of the Secretary of the Interior, it would seem it could be replaced by the Secretary of War, and the appeal be made by the Congressman of Louisiana and any other appropriate States. Thanking you for the honor conferred, believe me,

Yours faithfully,

Nellie Hotchkiss Holmes.
(Mrs. Geo. S. Holmes),
President Jefferson Davis Monument Association, U. D. C.

[When Mr. Adolph Meyer visited the "Cabin John Bridge," in June, 1907, to examine the tablet for the Confederated Southern Memorial Association, he had a photograph taken of it, that aroused speculation, as to his object. The newspapers announced that he represented the United Daughters of the Confederacy and the Confederate Ladies' Memorial Association. And this was repeated in the press for months thereafter. There is no doubt that the error was inadvertent, as there are so many Confederate organizations with very similar names. Furthermore, the United Daughters of the Confederacy are more generally known than the Confederate Southern Memorial Association of New Orleans. In 1907 two policies were decided on, in promoting the restoration, by General Stephen D. Lee, Mr. Adolph Meyer, Mrs. W. J. Behan and Mrs. J. Enders Robinson. First, to have the name of Mr. Davis restored by commission of the War Department, avoiding legislation in Congress, and second, to discourage all newspaper mention of the work, until Mr. Meyer could mature his plans. Owing to this latter policy, no public protest was made by the Confederated Memorial Association against the credit given the United Daughters of the. Confederacy and Confederate Ladies Memorial Association, for the move. The Confederated Southern Memorial Association is composed of seventy Confederate Memorial Associations.

The official correspondence in this article, setting forth an organized, continuous effort, give the Confederated Southern Memorial Association a clear title to the honor of having persuaded the United State Government to accomplish the restoration. With reference to the error, by the press, substituting the