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Restoration of Name of Jefferson, Davis.

flag, and our motto is E Pluribus Unum. As a great nation, we stand for truth and justice. In the history of the United States we read of the magnificent victory obtained by the United States troops under the command of Lieutenant Davis, in the Black Hawk War; and later in the Mexican War, as commander of the First Mississippi Rifles, Colonel Davis gained signal victories at the storming of Monterey and at the battle of Buena Vista. Would our friend of the Democrat Chronicle, of Rochester, eliminate this brilliant record from our school histories, for the reason that Jefferson Davis was the hero? No, certainly not. Then why should he object to the restoration of his name to a structure engineered under his term of office as Secretary of War? I beg to include in this argument a copy of a speech made by Mr. Davis, when the "Liberty Bell" was sent to New Orleans for the Exposition in 1885, and I will close by quoting from the memorable speech of Hon. Abraham Lincoln; and recommend that they be put into practice by one and all.

With malice to none, and charity to all,

Mrs. W. J. Behan,
President C. S. M. A.

Richmond. Va., 113 3d St. South, July 8, 1907.

Mrs. W. J. Behan, Pres. C. S. M. A.:

My Dear Mrs. Behan,—I am very glad that you read the unfortunate editorial in the Times-Dispatch of this city. I am at a loss to know why this newspaper should give the credit of the movement to restore the name of Jefferson Davis to the "Cabin John Bridge" to the United Daughters of the Confederacy. It seems to me a wise plan would be to drop the matter now. Later, when Mr. Adolph Meyer is prepared for the work, he will, of course, issue printed statements of the facts. But the error is so very remarkable! Please let me know how and when Mr. Meyer will distribute the photographs of the inscription.

I appointed one of my brothers to go and see the condition of the tablet on "C. J. B.," and he made an outline copy in pen and ink for me of the tablet.

Yours truly,

Mrs. J. Enders Robinson.