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Restoration of Name of Jefferson Davis.

The movement to restore the name of Jefferson Davis to the "Cabin John Bridge" has met with the approval not only of the Southern people, but our Northern brethren are desirous of having it done; believing, as the Indianapolis News says, "The mutilated stone reflects upon us as a people, and the name is far better there than the blank space—far better."

I have just received a letter from General Stephen D. Lee, Commander-in-Chief of the United Confederate Veterans, in which he writes, in referring to this subject, "I know the Secretary of War, Hon. W. H. Taft; he is a broad and conservative man and will do what is right." * * *

I read with pleasure your speech delivered at Lexington, Ky., yesterday, and I beg to say that, as Kentucky was the birthplace of Jefferson Davis, you would make yourself very popular in that grand old State by this single act of restoring the name of its favored son to the place where it belongs on "Cabin John Bridge," and I appeal to you as one all-powerful, to see that this act of tardy justice is granted. Hon. Adolph Meyer is in hearty sympathy with the movement, and I feel that he enjoys the esteem and confidence of the administration. If you could see your way clear to grant this request on or before the third day of June, 1908, it would be most highly appreciated by the members of the Confederated Southern Memorial Association. Mr. Secretary, we believe it is in your power, and we look to you for a favorable reply.

Yours very respectfully,

Mrs. W. J. Behan,



Washington, August 29, 1907.

My Dear Madam:

In the absence of the Secretary of War, I beg to acknowledge the receipt of your favor of the 23d of August, concerning the restoration of the name of Jefferson Davis to the "Cabin John Bridge," and to say in reply that I have placed your letter in the hands of General Mackenzie, Chief of Engineers of the Army,