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Restoration of Name of Jefferson Davis.

In conclusion, permit me to thank you for your sensible article, and to express a hope to have your co-operation if necessary.

Yours very respectfully,

Mrs. W. J. Behan.
President C. S. M. A.



New Orleans, La., August 28, 1907.

My Dear General Meyer:

I hope you will be patient with me. I am just like the average woman, more or less impatient to accomplish my purpose. For the last week or two the papers are full of the reported resignation of Hon. W. H. Taft. This makes me uneasy, as we look to him as the man with the power and the good-will to do what we want. I know you are watchful and ever on the qui vive, but in this case we must "watch and pray." Enclosed find a copy of a letter that I wrote to Mr. Taft. I hope you will not consider it an unwise proceeding. Several of the Northern papers have taken up the matter, in reply to an article in the Charleston News and Courier—you will find these clippings herewith, together with my notes (none of which have been given to the press), as I am waiting instructions from you.

Mr. Phillips, of Bridgeport, a perfect stranger to me, wrote to the President and gave his letter to the Baltimore Sun. The New Orleans Picayune copied it, with a very fine article, which I sent to Mr. Phillips. He has had copies printed for distribution. I have asked Mr. Phillips to confer with you when he goes to Washington next month. If you think well of it, I can get our papers and the Confederate Veteran to recommend the movement to the favorable consideration of the Secretary of War. Let me know when and how I can assist you * * *. Remember, my dear General Meyer, that we are most desirous to have the name restored before the third day of June, 1908—the sooner the better. * * *

Yours very respectfully,

Mrs. W. J. Behan,
President C. S. M. A.