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Restoration of Name of Jefferson Davis. 79

In conclusion, permit me to thank you for your sensible article, and to express a hope to have your co-operation if necessary.

Yours very respectfully,

Mrs. \Y. J. Behan.

President C. S. M. A.

New Orleans, La., August 28, 1907. My Dear General Meyer:

I hope you will be patient with me. I am just like the average woman, more or less impatient to accomplish my purpose. For the last week or two the papers are full of the reported resigna- tion of Hon. \Y. H. Taft. This makes me uneasy, as we look to him as the man with the power and the good-will to do what we want. I know you are watchful and ever on the qui vive, but in this case we must "watch and pray." Enclosed find a copy of a letter that I wrote to Mr. Taft. I hope you will not consider it an unwise proceeding. Several of the Northern papers have taken up the matter, in reply to an article in the Charleston News and Courier — you will find these clippings herewith, to- gether with my notes (none of which have been given to the press), as I am waiting instructions from you.

Mr. Phillips, of Bridgeport, a perfect stranger to me, wrote to the President and gave his letter to the Baltimore Sun. The New Orleans Picayune copied it, with a very fine article, which I sent to Mr. Phillips. He has had copies printed for distribu- tion. I have asked Mr. Phillips to confer with you when he goes to Washington next month. If you think well of it, I can get our papers and the Confederate Veteran to recommend the movement to the favorable consideration of the Secretary of War. Let me know when and how I can assist you * * * . Remember, my dear General Meyer, that we are most desirous to have the name restored before the third day of June, 1908 — the sooner the better. * * *

Yours very respectfully,

Mrs. W. J. Behan, President C. S. M. A.