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Restoration of Name of Jefferson Davis.

The bridge was completed during the term of Mr. Davis as Secretary of War, and his name appeared on the capstone of the abutment. During the War between the States the name was chiseled out, it is said, by the order of the then Secretary of War.

Mr. Carlin's bill is preliminary to the introduction of a bill for the restoration of Mr. Davis' name.

Richmond, Va.,113 3d Street, South, April 22, 1908.

Representative Carlin, of Virginia, Washington, D. C.

Dear Sir,—In the issue of the Times-Dispatch, this city, of this date, a telegraphic message from Washington states that you will ask Congress for all information concerning the erasure of the name of Jefferson Davis from "Cabin John Bridge."

Will you be so kind as to let me know if the newspaper article is correct? The movement to restore the name of Mr. Davis was started by the Confederated Southern Memorial Association, of New Orleans, La. I was appointed a member of the committee by the president, to represent the State of Virginia.

Yours truly,

Mrs. J. Enders Robinson.

C. C. Carlin, 8th District of Virginia.


April 28, 1908.

Mrs. J. E. Robinson,

113 Third Street, South, Richmond, Va.:

Dear Madam,—I have your favor of the 22d inst., and for your information will say that I have introduced a resolution inquiring as to the reason for the elimination of the name of Jefferson Davis from the arch at "Cabin John Bridge," and what steps, if any, have been taken to restore same. It is my purpose to press this resolution at the fall session of Congress.

Very truly yours,

C. C. Carlin.