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Section 16

Freedom of ideas, religon and worship9.2, 10, 14.27.3, 30.2, 53, 81 C1. Freedom of ideology, religion and worship is guaranteed, to individuals and communities with no other restriction on their expression than may be necessary to maintain public order as protected by law.

2. No one may be compelled to make statements regarding his or her ideology, religion or beliefs.

No State religion. Cooperation with the Catholic Church and other confessions3. No religion shall have a state character. The public authorities shall take into account the religious beliefs of Spanish society and shall consequently maintain appropriate cooperation relations with the Catholic Church and other confessions.

Section 17

Freedom and security9, 10, 25, 52, 53, 55, 81, 104, 126 C1. Every person has the right to freedom and security. No one may be deprived of his or her freedom except in accordance with the provisions of this section and in the cases and in the manner provided for by the law.

Preventive arrest2. Preventive arrest may last no longer than the time strictly necessary in order to carry out the investigations aimed at establishing the events; in any case the person arrested must be set free or handed over to the judicial authorities within a maximum period of seventy two hours.

Guarantees of prisoners3. Every person arrested must be informed immediately, and in a way understandable to him or her, of his or her rights and of the grounds for his or her arrest, and may not be compelled to make a statement. The arrested person shall be guaranteed the assistance of a lawyer during police and judicial proceedings, under the terms to be laid down by the law.

Habeas corpus4. An habeas corpus procedure shall be provided for by law in order to ensure the immediate handing over to the judicial authorities