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of the other cannot be conceived, and therefore it follows as a necessary corollary from these facts that anything that will impair the status of either of them will involve the equal ruin of them both. In framing any scheme of women's education this cardinal truth must be constantly kept in mind. Man is supreme in the outward activities of a married pair and therefore it is in the fitness of things that he should have a greater knowledge thereof. On the other hand home life is entirely the sphere of woman and therefore in domestic affairs, in the upbringing and education of children, women ought to have more knowledge. Not that knowledge should be divided into watertight compart- ments or that some branches of knowledge should be closed to any one ; but unless courses of instruction are based on a discriminating appreciation of these basic principles the fullest life of man and woman cannot be developed.


I should say a word or two as to whether English education is or is not necessary for our women. I have come to the conclusion that in the oidinary course of our lives neither our men nor our women need neces- sarily have any knowledge of English. True English is necessary for making a living and for active associa- tion in our political movements. I do not believe in women working for a living or undertaking commercial enterprizes. r lhe few women who may require or desire to have English education can very easily have their way by joining the schools for men. To introduce English education in schools meant for women could only lead to prolong our helplessness. I have often read and hearer-people saying that the rich treasures of

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