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with or intolerant to them. We are bound to recognise their freedom to co-operate with the Government if we claim freedom to non -co-operate. What would we have felt if we are in a minority, and co-operators being a majority, had used violence against us. Non-co-oper- ation and non-violence is the most expeditious method known in the world of winning our opponents. And our struggle consists in winning our opponents, including the Englishmen, over to our side. We can only do so by being free from ill-will against the weakest or strong- est of them, and that we can only do by being prepared to die for truth within us and not by killing those who do not see the truth we enunciate. I am your grateful comrade. M. K. Gandhi."


[Mr. Gandhi broke his fast in the midst of a gather' ing of co-operators, non-co-operators, Hindus^ Musal- tnans, Christians and Parsis. There were speeches of goodwill by a representative of each community* The members of the Work ing Committee were also present. Mr. Gandhi made a statement in Gnjarati before break- ing his fast. The following is its translation : ] Friends,

It delights my heart to see Hindus, Musalmans, Parsis and Christians met together in this little assembly. I hope that our frugal fruit-repast of this morning will be a sign of our permanent friendship. Though a born optimist, I am not in the habit of building castles in the air. This meeting therefore cannot deceive me. We shall be able to realize the hope of permanent friendship between all communities,

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