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more room for non-violence in Islam. Self-restraint occupies a higher position than anger and violence. India has been adhering to truth and Ahimsa for cen- turies. India's slavery should be preferred to her attaining freedom by abandoning truth and non- violence. Man cannot run to both the poles at the same time. We now see that Western methods are violent whereas it is proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that the Eastern method is non- violent and righteous. England has now become the central point of Europe. India has been the centre of all .civil stations for centuries. Yet the world believes that England wields power and that India is still only a slave. Our attempt to-day is to get rid of slave mentality. If India succeeds in the attempt, it can only be by means of her ancient truth and non- violence* There is no country in the world which is inferior to India in physical prowess. Even little Afghanistan can subdue her. With whose help then does India wish to fight against England t Is it with the help of Japan or .Afghanistan ? India will then have to accept serfdom under any one who will help her in the fight. Therefore, if India wants to become free, she can only do so with God's help. God loves those who are truthful and non-violent. Hence the divine warning from Gorakhpur. It teaches us to get back, and to be more firm in non-violence if we wish to have our cherished desires accomplished.

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