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day. The hartal is not without) its disadvantages, It is teaching direct action, and direct action however potent does not work for unity. Is Mr. Gandhi quite sure that be is serving the highest behests of ahimsa, harmlessness? His proposal to commemorate the shootings at Jallian- wala Bagh is not likely to promote concord, It is a tragic incident into which our Government was betrayed; but is tLe memory cf its biUfiuees worth retaining? Can we not commemorate the event by raising a temple of peace, to help the widows and orphans, to bless the souls of those who died without knowing why? The world is full of politicians and pettifoggers who, in the name of patriotism, poison the inner sweetness of man and, as a result, we have wars and feuds and such shameless slaugh- ter as turned Jallianwaia Bagh into a shamble. Shall we not now try for a larger symbiosis such as Buddha and Christ preached and bring the world to breathe and prosper together ? Mr Gandhi seemed destined to be the apoetle of such a movement, but circumstances are forcing him to seek the way of raising resistances and group unities. He may yet take up the larger mission of uniting the world.'

I have given the whole of the quotation. Aa a rule I do not notice criticism of me or my methods except when thereby I acknowledge a mistake or enforce still further the principles criticised I have a double reason for noticing the extract. For, not only do I hope further to elucidate the principles 1 hold dear, but I want to show my regard for the author of the criticism whom I know and whom I have admired or many years for the singular beauty of his character. The oritio regret* to see in me a politician, whereas be expected me to be & fiainfc, Now I think that the word "saint" should be

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