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religions also. There was a time when I was wavering between Hinduism and Christianity. When I recovered my balance of mind, I felt that bo me salvation was possible only through the Hindu religion and my faith in Hinduism grew deeper and more enlightened.

Bat even then I believed that untouchability was no part of Hinduism; and, that if it was, such Hinduism was not for me.

True Hinduism does not regard untouchability as a sin. I do not want to enter into any controversy regarding the interpretation of the Shastras. It might be difficult for me to establish my point by quoting authorities from the Bhagwat or Manusmriti. But I claim to have understood the spirit of Hinduism. Hinduism has sinned in giving sanction to untouchability, It has degraded us, made us the pariahs of the Empire. Even the Mussulmans caught the sinful contagion from us, and in S. Africa, in E. Africa and in Canada the Mussulmans no less than Hindus came to be regarded as Pariahs. All this evil has resulted from the sin of untouchability.

GOKHALE, TILAK AND MEHTA<ref>From Young India, July 13, 1921.

A strange anonymous letter has been received by me, admiring me for having taken up a cause that was dearest to Lokamanya's hear, and telling me that his spirit was residing in me and that I must prove a worthy follower of his. The letter, moreover, admonishes me not to lose heart in the prosecution of the Swaraj programme, and finishes off by accusing me of imposture