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[In a sense "Love, not hate" is the essence of Mr. Gandhi's teaching; and the following article written on receipt of a telegram announcing the arrest of Pandit Motilal Nehru and others at Allahabad on December 8, contains the pith of Mr. Gandhi’s political philosophy and methods. As such the book may fittingly end with this chapter. "The arrest," says Mr. Gandhi," positively filled me with joy. I thanked God for it."]

But my joy was greater for the thought, that what I had feared would not happen before the end of the year because of the sin of Bombay was now happening by reason of the innocent suffering of the greatest and the best in the land. These arrests of the totally innocent is real Swaraj. New there is no shame in the Ali Brothers and their companions remaining in gaol. India has not been found undeserving of their immolation.

But my joy, which I hope thousands share with me, is conditional upon perfect peace being observed whilst our leaders are one after another taken away from us. Victory is complete if non-violence reigns supreme in spite of the arrests; disastrous defeat is a certainty if we cannot control all the elements so as to ensure peace. We are out to be killed without killing. We have stipulated to go to prison without feeling angry or injured. We must not quarrel with the condition of our own creating.

Ou the contrary our non-violence teaches us to love our enemies. By non-violent non-co-operation we seek to conquer the wrath of the English administrators and their supporters. We must love them and pray to God