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bers eight and seven respectively; after the crew the Sixth Form, then the Fifth, and so tapering down to the little boys at the end. They unfurled their red flags, the band struck up, and the procession moved.

Inside the gate Edward saw the St. John’s buildings, arranged in a quadrangle about a smooth green which was shaded by great elms. Walled in and secluded on its hill-top, St. John’s was not like St. Timothy’s, which lay spread out and rambling in the open valley.

“It’s a good-looking place, but I like ours better,” Edward said to Durant.

But he did not give much thought to the buildings or the grounds, for there, swarming out of the two dormitories at the farther end of the triangle, came the St. John’s boys.

St. Timothy’s marched straight up and passed as it were in review before them, while St. John’s crowded the dormitory steps and overflowed upon the lawn. The band was doing its best to render “Marching through Georgia;” St. John’s clapped and laughed as it went by.