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“Charley did n’t stand for my coming to St. Timothy’s. But he’s too much the king at St. John’s. It would n’t be any fun to go there and be passed along up, just as Charley’s brother.”

“Why, you’d have had a cinch,” declared Payne. “I don’t see why you did n’t do it.”

“Well, that’s why. It made Charley awfully peevish. He said I was disgracing the family.”

The boys bristled.

“St. John’s is a pretty good school,” said Blanchard. “But the fellows there get so cocky about it they make me tired.”

“We’d have licked them in football last year if it hadn’t been for your brother.” Payne’s voice betrayed resentment. “He had no right to get round Tom Stevens on that criss-cross the way he did.”

“He’s a peach of a quarterback,” acknowledged Blanchard. Are you any good at the game?”

“I’ve played some. But I guess I’ll never be in Charley’s class.”

“What position?”