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like to get up a Fourth Form nine and challenge the Sixth.”

“Let’s do it,” said Lawrence promptly. “You’ll catch and I’ll pitch—what?”

“Yes, and Keat on first and Gordon on second and—I’ll see the fellows about it to-day and find out how it strikes them.”

“Of course the Sixth will beat us,” said Keating. “With Payne and Bell, the regular School battery, and some of those other big fellows.”

“We can make them hustle,” declared Edward. “And it would be good fun to have a real match game instead of playing scrub all the time.”

Not only Keating and Lawrence but all the other fellows whom he asked agreed with him. Before the afternoon was over they had elected him captain and authorized him to make arrangements if possible for a game with the Sixth Form on the following Saturday.

“It would be just like them to turn us down,” said Keating. “They’ll probably tell you you’re fresh to suggest such a thing.”