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Reigning King.

Oscar II., born January 21, 1829; the third son of King Oscar I., and of Queen Josephine, daughter of Prince Eugene of Leuchtenberg. Succeeded to the throne at the death of his brother. King Carl XV., Sept. 18, 1872. Married June 6, 1857, to Queen Sophia, born July 9, 1836, daughter of the late Duke Wilhelm of Nassau.

Children of the King.

I. Prince Gustaf, Crown Prince, Duke of Wermland, born June 16, 1858. Married Sept. 20, 1881, to Princess Victoria, born Aug. 7, 1862, daughter of the Grand Duke of Baden. Issue, Prince Gustaf Adolf, Duke of Scania, born Nov. 11, 1882; Prince Carl Wilhelm, Duke of Södermanland, born June 17, 1884; and Prince Erik Ludvig Albert, Duke of Vestmanland, born April 20, 1889.

II. Prince Oscar Bernadotte, Count of Wisborg, born Nov. 15, 1859. Renounced his succession to the throne and married March 15, 1888, Ebba Munck of Fulkila, born Oct. 24, 1858.

III. Prince Carl, Duke of Westergötland, born Feb. 27, 1861. Married August 27, 1897, to Princess Ingeborg, born Aug. 2, 1878, daughter of the Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark.

IV. Prince Eugen, Duke of Nerike, born Aug. 1, 1865.

King Oscar II. is the fourth sovereign of the House of Ponte Corvo, and grandson of Marshal Bernadotte, Prince de Ponte Corvo, who was elected heir-apparent of the crown of Sweden by the Parliament of the Kingdom, Aug. 21, 1810, and ascended the throne Feb. 5, 1818, under the name of Carl XIV. Johan. He was succeeded at his death, March 8, 1844, by his only son Oscar. The latter died July 8, 1859, and was succeeded by his eldest son Carl XV., at whose premature death, without male children, the crown fell to his next surviving brother, the present King.

The royal family of Sweden and Norway have a civil list of 1,320,000 kronor, or 73,340 £., from Sweden, and 482,838 kroner, or 26,882 £., from Norway. The sovereign, besides, has an annuity of 300,000 kronor, or 16,666 £., voted to King Carl XIV. and his successors on the throne of Sweden.

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