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POLITICAL PARTIES CCxiii by instigating force or violence against persons or property during strikes, lockouts, or boycotts, or by seeking to prevent others from working through violence, threats, or intimida- tions; but the members of such incorporations shall not be personally liable for the acts, debts, or obligations of the cor- porations, nor shall such corporations be liable for the acts of members or others in violation of law.

Political Parties Democratic National Committee. — Appointed at the national conven- tion held at Chicago, July, 1896. Chairman, James K. Jones, Washing- ton, Ark. ; Secretary, C. A, Walsh, Ottumwa, la. Republican National OomwijY^ee. — Appointed at the convention held at St. Louis in June, 1890. Chairman, Mark A. Hanna, Cleveland, O. ; Secretaries, Charles Dick, Chicago, 111., and S. A. Perkins, Washing- ton, D.C. National Democratic National Committee. — Appointed at the national convention held at Indianapolis Sept. 2, 1896. Chairman, G. F. Pea- body, New York, N.Y. ; Secretary, John P. Frenzel, Indianapolis, Ind. Prohibition National Committee. — Chairman, Samuel Dickie, Albion, Mich. ; Secretary, W. T. Ward well. New York, N.Y. People's Party National Committee. — Chairman, Milton Park, Dallas, Tex. ; Secretary, W. S. Morgan, Hardy, Ark. Socialist Labor Party. — Corresponding Secretary, Henry Kuhn, New York, N.Y. Liberty Party National Central Committee. — Chairman, L. B. Logan, Alliance, 0. ; Secretary, D. J. Thomas, Alliance, O.

Vote for President in 1896 The total vote cast at the presidential election of 1896 was 13,923,378. William McKinley, Republican, received 7,104,779; William J. Bryan, Democrat. 6,502,925. Mr. McKinley 's popular majority over Mr. Bryan was 603,514, his majority over all opposing candidates being 280,728. The electoral vote for Mr. McKinley was 271 ; for Mr. Bryan, 176, Mr. McKinley's majority in the electoral college being 95. The Fusion vote for Mr. Bryan was 6,257,198, the Populist vote for him being 245,728. The following table, taken from political handbooks, gives the vote by States :