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II. INDIA, THE COLONIES, PROTECTORATES, AND DEPENDENCIES OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE. In the following pages the various sections of the British Em- pire outside the United Kingdom are arranged in alphabetical order under the divisions of the world to which they belong : — 1. Europe; 2. Asia; 3. Africa; 4. America; 5. Australasia and Oceania. The Colonies proper form three classes: — (1) The Co'own Colonies, which are entirely controlled by the home government ; (2) those possessing Rejyresentative Institutions, in which the Crown has no more than a veto on legislation, but the home government retains the control of public officers; and (3) those possessing Responsible Government, in which the home government has no control over any public officer, though the Crown appoints the Governor and still retains a veto on legislation. The total expenditure of the Mother Country in connection with the Colonies (exclusive of India) amounts to about 2 millions sterling annually, mainly for military and naval pur- poses. According to the Army Estimates for the year 1898-99, the total effective strength of the British forces in the colonies, ex- clusive of India, was 43,751 of all ranks. The distribution of regimental establishments, including colonial corps (here stated in parentheses), was as follows : — Malta, 10,602 (725) men ; Gib- raltar, 5,382 ; Cape of Good Hope and Natal, 8,662 ; Ceylon, 1,757 (265); Bermuda, 1,950; Jamaica, 1,720 (1,018); Barbados and St. Lucia, 1,527 (612); Canada (Halifax), 1,784; Hong Kong, 3,428 (1,530); Straits Settlements, 1,643 (172); Mauritius, 2,733 (200); West Coast of Africa, 1,661 (1,527); Cyprus, 133; St. Helena, 748 (517) ; besides 73,162 in India and 4,309 in Egypt. The contributions from colonial revenues in aid of military expenditure were estimated as follows for the year 1898-99 : — Ceylon, 111,300^.; Mauritius, 22,900^. ; Hong Hong, 39,000^.; Straits Settlements, 75,500^.; Malta, 5,000/.; Natal, 4,000/.; total, 257,800/. India contributes (1898-99) 541,000/. for home effective charges for forces serving in India, and 180,000/. for deferred pay for service on Indian establishment,