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TURKEY (Office of the Legation, 1S18 Q Street, NW) AH Ferrouh Bey, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary. Edliem Bey, First Secretary of Legation. Sidkey Bey, Second Secretary, Gen. H. Enver Pacha, ^Military Attach^. Aziz Bey, Military Attach^. VENEZUELA (Otfice of the Legation, 2 Iowa Circle) Senor Don Jos6 Andrade, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipo- tentiary. Sefior Don Mannel M. Ponte, Jr., Secretary of Legation. Senor Augusto F. Pulido, Attach^. Senor Don Jos6 Andrade Penny, Attach^. Senor ])r. P'dnardo Andrade Penny, Attach^. Senor Don Antonio Duplat, Attach^.


Consular Office

Consular Officer


Aarau, Switzerland Aberdeen, Scotland Abo, Finland Acajutla, Salvador Acapulco, Mexico Adelaide, Australia Aden, Arabia Aguadilla, Puerto Rico Aguas Calientes, Mexico Aix la Chapelle, Germany . Akyab, Bengal . Albany, Australia Alberton, Prince Edward Island . . . . Albert Town, West Indies . Aleppo, Syria Alexandretta, Syria . Alexandria, Egypt Algeciras, Spain . Algiers, Algeria, Africa Alicante, Spain . Almeria, Malaga, Spain Amapala, Honduras . Amherstburg, Ontario Amoy, China Amsterdam, Netherlands . Ancona, Italy Angers, France . Annaberg, Germany .

Henry H. Morgan Andrew Murray Victor Forselius F. W. Melville . George W. Dickinson Charles A. Murphy Edwin S. Cunningham Augustus Ganslandt Alfred M. Raphall Frank M. Brundage Charles Findlay Frank R. Dymes Albert Glidden . Jos^ G. Maura . Frederic Poche . H. L. Washington James Hewat Charles T. Grellet Franklin C. Bevan William Heyden Chester W. Martin Anson Burl in game Johnson . George J. Corey A. P. Tomassini Jules H. Luneau John F. Winter .

Consul Consular agent

Consul Consular agent Consul Consular agent Consul Consular agent

Consul Consular agent Consul Consular agent Consul

Consular agent Consul