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Governor. — R. A. Sterndale (500Z.), assisted by a council of five.

St. Helena, of volcanic origin, is about 800 miles from Ascension Island, the nearest land, and 1,200 from the west coast of Africa. Its importance as a port of call was greatly lessened by the opening of the overland route to India, and also by the Suez Canal. Area, 47 square miles. Population in 1891, 4,116, inclusive of 179 garrison and 60 shipping. Births, 1894, 102 ; deaths, 73 ; luarriages, 21. Emigrants about 200 annually to the Cape and United States. Four Episcopal, 3 Baptist, 1 Roman Catholic chapels. Educa- tion, 12 schools, with 750 pupils ; 4 of the schools receiving a Government grant of 428Z. in 1896.

The following tables give statistics for St. Helena : —






Revenue Expenditure .


8,457 7,637





9,762 8,063

£ 9,161



8,803 13,004

Exports ^ Imports .

4,976 39,193

5,052 31,777

4,314 33,744

4,739 29,553

4,993 33,242

1 Including specie: 4,0551. in 1893; 3,8751. in 1894; 3,980i. in 1895; 3,9931. in 1896; 3,666i. in lb97.

Savings-bank deposits 16,410Z. in 1896. Total estimated value of island wealth, 200,000Z, No public debt. The imports into Great Britain from