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[Official and many other books and newspapers may be seen at the office of the Agent General in London.]


Constitution and Government.

The form of government of the colony of Queensland was established December 10, 1859, on its separation from New South Wales. The power of making laws and imposing taxes is vested in a Parliament of two Houses — the Legislative Council and the Legislative Assembly. The former consists of 41 members, nominated by the Crown for life. The Legislative Assembly com- prises 72 members, returned from 61 electoral districts for three years, elected by ballot, a six months' residence qualifying every adult male for the franchise. Members of the Assembly are entitled to payment of £300 per annum, with travelling ex- penses. Owners of freehold estate of the clear value of 100/., or of house property of 10/. annual value, or leasehold of 10/. annual rent, or holders of pastoral lease or license from the Crown, have the right of a vote in any district in which such property may be situated. At the end of 1897 there were 81,892 registered electors.

Governor of Queenslmid. — The Right Hon. Lord Lamington, K.C.M.G. ; appointed Governor of Queensland, 1895.

The Governor is commander-in-chief of the troops, and also bears the title of vice-admiral. He has a salary of 5,000/. per annum. In the exercise of the executive authority he is assisted by an Executive Council of ministers, consisting of the following members : —

Premier and Chief Secretary. — Hon. James Robert Dickson, C.M.G.