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Government Savings Bank. — During the year ended 30tli June, 1897, deposits of the value of 1,068,322Z. were made, and interest 17,334Z. was allowed. The amount withdrawn during that year was 690,183/,, leaving a balance of 856,081/. on deposit on 30th June, 1897. During the year ended 30th June, 1897, deposits of the value of 1,068,322/. were made, and interest 17,334Z. was allowed. The amount withdrawn during the year was 690,183/., leaving a balance of 856,084/. on deposit on 30th June, 1897,

Agent- Gcncralin London. — The Hon. E. H. Wittenoom.

Secretary. — R. C. Hare,

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Australian Defence.

Sydney is a first-class naval station, the head-quarters of the British f3eet in Australasia. In 1898 there were 11 imperial war vessels on the station. By the Australasian Naval Force Act," which was assented to on December 20, 1887, a fleet of five fast cruisers, each of 2,575 tons displacement and 7,500 horse-power, and two torpedo gunboats on the most improved modern build, each of 735 tons and 4,500 horse-power, have been equipped for the Australian seas. An agreement which has been entered into for a period of ten years, afterwards terminable by two years' notice, provides that the vessels shall be built by the British Govern- ment, and that those of the Australian colonies who are parties to the agreement shall pay interest at the rate of 5 per cent, on the original cost, and the cost of maintenance which is not to exceed 91,000A In 1897 the total subsidy, amounting to 126,000^, was distributed thus: New South Wales, 37,820^,; Victoria, 34,244Z. ; Queensland, 13,762^. ; South Australia, 10,499/. ; Western Australia, 4,020/. ; Tasmania, 4,84H. ; New Zealand, 20,814/. Upon the termination of the agreement the vessels will remain the property of the British Govern- ment. These vessels — the cruisers Katoomha, Tauranya, Ringa- rpovia, Mildura, and WalluToo, and the torpedo-gunboats