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Selections from Cassell § Company's Volumes (Continued). The Encyclopaedic Dictionary. A New and Original Work of Reference to all the Words in the English Language, with a Full Account of their Origin, Meaning, Pronunciation, and Use. Five Divisional Volumes now ready, price ios. 6d. each ; or bound in Double Volumes, in half-morocco, 21s. each. Library of English Literature. Edited by Professor HENRY MORLEY. With Illustrations taken from Original MSS., &c. Each Vol. complete in itself. Vol. I. SHORTER ENGLISH POEMS. 12s. 6d. Vol. II. ILLUSTRATIONS OF ENGLISH RELIGION, us. 6d. Vol. III. ENGLISH PLAVS. us. 6d. Vol. IV. SHORTER WORKS IN ENGLISH PROSE, us. 6d. Vol. V. LONGER WORKS IN ENGLISH VERSE AND PROSE, us. 6d. Vol. I., Popular Edition, now ready, 7s. 6d. Dictionary of English Literature. Being a Compre- hensive Guide to English Authors and their Works. By W. DAVEN- PORT ADAMS. 720 pages, extra fcap. 4to, cloth, ios. 6d. Dictionary of Phrase and Fable. Giving the Deriva- tion, Source, or Origin of 20,000 Words that have a Tale to Tell. By Rev. Dr. BREWER. Enlarged and Cheaper Edition, cloth, 3s. 6d. ; superior binding, leather back, 4s. 6d. The Royal Shakspere. A Handsome Fine-Art Edi- tion of the Poet's Works. Vols. I. & II., containing Exquisite Steel Plates and Wood Engravings. The Text is that of Prof. Delius, and the Work contains Mr. FURNIVALL'S Life of Shakspere. Price 15s. each. Cassell's Illustrated Shakespeare. Edited by CHARLES and MARY COWDEN CLARKE. With 600 Illustrations by H. C. SELOUS. Three Vols., royal 4to, cloth gilt, ^3 3s. The Leopold Shakspere. The Poet's Works in Chronological Order, and an Introduction by F. J. FURNIVALL. With about 400 Illustrations. Small 4to, cloth, 6s.; cloth gilt, 7s. 6d. ; half- morocco, ios. 6d. ; morocco, or tree calf, 21s. PRACTICAL GUIDES to PAINTING, with numerous Coloured Plates, and full Instructions by the Artists :— Flower Painting in Water Colours. Water-Colour Painting, A Course FIRST and SECOND SERIES. of. By R. P. LEITCH. 5s. By F. E. HULME, F.L.S. 5s. Figure-Painting in Water Colours, each. By BLANCHE MACARTHUR and JENNIE MOORE. 7s. 6d. Tree Painting in Water Colours. Neutral Tint, A Course of Paint- By W. H. J. BOOT. 5s. ing in. By R. P. LEITCH. Cloth, 5s. China Painting. By Miss FLO- Sepia Painting, A Course ot. RENCE LEWIS. 5s. By R. P. LEITCH. Cloth, 5s. Cassell & Company, Limited: Ludgate. Ilill, London ; Paris; and New York. 6