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by gustave droz

"YES, Ma'm'selle Adèle," said the sempstress, the real happiness of this world is not so unevenly distributed after all." Louise, as she said this, took from the reserve in the bosom of her dress a lot of pins, and applied them deftly to the trimming of a skirt which I was holding for her.

"A sufficiently comfortable doctrine," I answered, "but it does seem to me as if some people were born to live and to die unhappy."

"It is only folks who never find anybody to love enough; and I think it's nobody's fault but their own."

"But, my good Louise, would n't you have suffered much less last year, when you came so near losing your boy, if you had n't cared so much for him?"

I was only drawing her on, you see: Louise's chat was the greatest resource to me at that time.

"Why, Ma'm'selle Adèle, you are surely joking.