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flaming like a torch; but he did not complain, thinking it useless. He only opened his mouth to say,—

——"You ought to have some one hide the boat behind the wheel. There is a hole there that will hold her. . . . Perhaps she may be of use."

The captain gave an order. This captain was a handsome man of about forty, tall and with a kindly face. The sight of Françoise and Dominique seemed to please him. He was interested in them, as if he had forgotten the coming struggle. He followed Françoise about with his eyes, and his look told plainly that he found her charming. Then, turning to Dominique,—

——"So you're not in the army, my boy?" he asked abruptly.

——"I'm a foreigner," the young man answered.

The captain seemed only half pleased with this reason. He winked and smiled. Françoise was pleasanter company than cannon. Then, seeing him smile, Dominique added,—

——"I'm a foreigner, but I can put a bullet into an apple at five hundred metres. . . . See, my gun's there, behind you."

——"It may be of use to you," the captain replied simply.

Françoise had come up, trembling a little. And, without minding the people there, Dominique took both the hands she held out to him,