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the mill again, when she came out into a field, just opposite Rocreuse. As soon as she caught sight of the village, she stopped. Was she going to return alone?

As she stood there, a voice called to her softly,—

——"Françoise! Françoise!"

And she saw Dominique raising his head above the edge of a ditch. Just God! she had found him! So heaven wished his death? She held back a cry, she let herself slide down into the ditch.

——"You were looking for me?" he asked.

——"Yes," she answered, her head buzzing, not knowing what she said.

——"Ah! what's going on?"

She looked down, she stammered out,—

——"Why, nothing; I was anxious, I wanted to see you."

Then, reassured, he told her that he had not wished to go far. He feared for them. Those rascals of Prussians were just the sort to wreak vengeance upon women and old men. Then all was going well; and he added, laughing,—

——"Our wedding will be for this day week, that's all."

Then, as she was still overcome, he grew serious again.

——"But what's the matter with you? You are keeping something from me."