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formed. Anent certain allegation, the Romans met their encounters on the lower part of the mountain above mentioned, where they arrayed battle in hostile manner; on which day Edinample was called of the place.

An object of external veracity, that may excite astonishment, which deserve to subjoin. The mass of the above delineation, that Glenogle, is a narrow passage, between such spasm, Grampian mountains hanging over, in such impendence existence, that the similitude of their excellencies rarely exhibited, to view on the north of Scotland, or perhaps on the collonies annexed to it. But, to give a complete illustration of this latter mountains, it would permit to insist farther on this delineation, if it is disposed to give prolix description.

A lake, in the vicinity of Edinample, called Lochearn, surrounding partly with woods of different kinds, of which its shadow will transparently appear in the lake on a splendour summer day.

An island, on that part of the said lake near Edinample. Which island, according to some affirmation, has been erected dexterous modellers; its foundation were laid on timber, on