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tioned, in consequence of some allegation that it was a remarkable for the excellencies of its pasture, or water, salutary for horses; which horses, bred there in time of old, choosed to outrun others at hardship.

The foresaid high Grampian mountains abounded with spasmodiac opening, or excavated parts, that if a loud cry made at accommodious distant, they would sounded the same in such miraculous manner, that one apt to conceive that each parts of those spasmodiac rocks imbibed the vociferation which is depressing gradually the sonorofic sound to the expiry thereof. This mountains abounded sometime of Ptarmanick, delightful birds, and some eagles, also a generical sort of hares, having their colour, sometime of the year, near as white as snow, from which colour they are changing, other time of the season, to the appearance somewhat of yellow blue; this beautiful animals frequencing the highest surface of the mountains. Wells within the limited bounds of the above mentioned mountains, particularly on the compass of Bein-Each, that their coolness would mightily refresh the weary traveller in the hottest dies; the penetrate sense of their