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he disappear to his pursuers, from where he got to his cave; at the same time imagine by him proper, after using all his intellectual means for having him extricated of the arrow, it approved ineffectual. Such intimacy contracted between him and the foresaid assaulter inhabited the cave in Glenogle, that he went to him in dead time of night to disengage him of the arrow. The one was residing in the said cave of Glenogle was a ferocious assaulter, of great ability of body, who embraced every opportunity of robbing people of their own; which rapacity of manifold prejudice to people both far and near, till at last he was banished by a valiant man, when the execution of that purpose came to him, and overcame, which was a consolatory tiding, and the most topic comfort to the rural. The said cave disfigured in consequence of so many years uninhabited.

It merits the trouble to exhibit a description of a part of Glenogle’s Grampian mountains, disjointed in the time of the generations past; which event happen about the twilight, that the dread of the horrible sight seized the beholders with fear, ultera the comprehension of the individual, discernible to their sight. The pillars of fire rising from the parting of the rock,