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lowed in their blood, parting with them at the emission of their breath. The dissocial was dreary, the valediction wearing the habit of sorrow, who was on the morning of that dies with their homoletical, without any conception or idea to occur any perturbate or violation of peace would interdict them from their families, charming social at the returning night, notwithstanding that they has the exhilarate frustion of social pleasure in the morning. The meeting of the returning evening was dismal and horrible. Many families sobbed with audible mournful noise, in the fatal consequence of the deprivation of their rulers, that its penetrate sense would impress the hearers to the greatest touching to their feeling.

The ravishers was well furnished with bows and arrows; their eyes were close on the foresaid gallant gentleman, their jaws were open to embrace every opportunity to cut his tract of life, in consequence of observing that he was a daring adventurous man, and the slaughter of indiscriminate destruction done by him in the fatal action, besides depriving their commander of his life, a coalisive number of these assassinate devourers plunderers, thirsty after this eminent gentleman’s blood, assayed to encompass him to