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If he was he father to whom that soiled garment belongs, that he deprived many other of their life before himself fall in the action, and that would be for no vale to him to lay hand on a man in the afflicted posture he was, having the resemblance of death in his countenance already; but the feeling of his father’s death affected the young man that he killed him on the spot. One of the men was on the world in time of old, unnaturally large, or in size above the ordinary rate of men, was interred near the inn of Killin. His name and his sepulchre is signification of denominating Killin first of the place. His grave displayed to view as hitherto.



In the time of the generations past, a barbarous man was residing in the vicinity of Loch-Earn-head, who was notoriously for savageness of manner. Incivility he would cross a river there, called the river of Kndrum, to take by theft or clandestine practice the sheep of the inhabitants had their place of abode over against him on the other side of the said river, whenever he would play the thief of obtaining one of their sheep on his shoulders upon his return to the said river,