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he uttered some merriment expression to him, as gaiety laughter, at which his father’s bowels did yarn over him, observing his endearment amorous child at the hazard of being swallowed up or tear in pieces by that voracious animal; but as Providence meant otherwise for him, he drew his bow adventure, pointing to the said animal, with much anxiety how to screen his child from being injured or molested by the arrow; at which point he finished the above animal.

About the same time, the cattle of Glendochard inhabitants, has been taken away by violence or pillage, by barbarous men of incoherent transactions. At that depredation, a most excellent bull break out from the force of the ravisher; which bull shelter himself in a vacant hovel, laying a distant from the rest of the houses; he was much troubled by one of the wolfs already mentioned, for which he was laying between the door posts holding his head out to fence with that animal,–the said combat has been observed by two men going that way. Upon some emergent occasion, the said men came on the day following with bows and arrows, and placed themselves on the house top where the said bull sheltered himself, waiting on the animal’s coming. Upon his first