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Left hand), and pull them down through the loops (Fig. 369, Right hand) by restoring the thumb to its original position (Fig. 370).

Tenth: Remove all the loops from the little fingers. This can be readily done by pushing them off one little finger with the other httle finger.

Eleventh: Transfer the index loops to the little fingers by picking up the near index string of one hand with the thumb and index of the other hand, and placing

the loop on the little finger, so that, without any twisting, the near index string becomes the far little finger string of the same hand (Fig. 37 x).

Twelfth: Find the far thumb string which passes directly from thumb to thumb (it often hangs down loosely), and pick it up on the tip of each index finger to form the ridge pole of the "house" (Fig. 372). The figure is extended between the

thumbs and the index and little fingers, with the palms facing each other and the fingers directed upward.

Just what a "bios-bird" is, I am unable to say, but it has a house and a very pretty one at that.

The method of transferring the index loops to the wrists, observed in the Third