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thumb and a loop on each wrist. If the movements have been properly performed, you should have a central figure formed of two straight strings (the upper, the common far index string, the lower, the common near thumb string), with three other strings on each side (the two strings of the wrist loop and the far little finger string) looped loosely around them (Fig. 386). Unless care be observed this pattern will

slip easily and become merely a twisted rope. If this pattern should not appear after the Seventh movement, you have made some mistake.

Eighth: Keeping the left hand with the palm facing you, with the fight thumb and index pick up the left near wrist string close to the left wrist (Fig. 387), and lift it over the left thumb, and lay it over the cross formed on the left palm by the left near index string and the left far thumb string; and then pick up at this cross all

three strings with the right thumb and index (Fig. 388), and withdraw the left hand entirely from the figure (Fig. 389).