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Seventh: Bend each middle finger down over the palmar string and both strings of the index loop, and take up from below on the back of the middle finger the far

thumb string (not the palmar string) (Fig. 4o9), and return the middle finger to its position (Fig. 410).

Eighth: Release the loops from the thumbs and little fingers' and draw the hands apart, but do not draw the strings too tight (Fig. 411).

You should now have a loop high up on each middle finger, a loop around the base of each index and a loop on each wrist. The central figure has the shape of a kite; it should be large or the final figure will not be successful.

Ninth: Turn the hands with the palms up, and with the left thumb and index pick up from the edge of the right wrist the right near wrist string (Fig. 412), and, slipping it out over the thumb and index, place St on the middle finger beside the

near middle finger string (Fig. 413). Now, with the left thumb and index pick up both these strings from the right middle finger, and slip the right hand out of all the loops (Fig. 414). The left thumb and index are now holding two hanging loops; one loop is large and projects farther to the right than the smaller one. Put the right little finger away from you through the wide loop only, and put the right thumb away from you through both loops (Fig. 415), and turn the hand up. You now have a