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Fourth: Turn the hands up with the palms away from you (Fig. 639, Left hand), and slip each hand up through the thumb loop to the wrist (Fig. 639 , Right hand).

Fifth: With the back of each middle finger pick up, from below, the oblique string passing around the two strings of the wrist loop, and return the middle finger to its former position (Fig. 640).

Sixth: Turn the palms slightly toward you, and bend each middle finger down over the near middle finger string, and holding the middle finger loop (Fig. 641,

Left hand) tightly in position, draw each hand toward you through the wrist loop, which should be caught in passing on the back of the thumb.

Seventh: Turn the palms toward each other; pull each middle finger loop further through the thumb loop, and turning the palm upward, straighten the middle finger outside of the thumb loop (Fig. 641, Right hand).