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you gather together, with the left thumb and index, close to the fight hand, all the loops on the left hand, putting the left thumb below the loops and closing the left index down on them. Now withdraw the fight hand from all the loops and with the left thumb and index turn the loops over, away from you (so that the left thumb

comes on top of the loops), and put the right thumb and index back into the loops as they were before, except that now the right thumb loop goes on the right index, the right index loop goes on the right thumb and the loop common to both right thumb and index is now the lower loop. Separate the hands and draw the strings tight (Fig. 699). The figure now consists of an upper string which is a single straight near index string passing on

either side between the two far index strings; a lower string which is a single straight far thumb string passing, on each side, between the two near thumb strings; and double near thumb and far index strings twisted together in the centre.

Sixth: A second person now pulls upward the twisted strings in the centre of the figure, while you bend each index down toward you, over the near index string