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Roth's Plate VIII.—Animals: Crustacea and Insects. Plants

1. Crab. Cape Bedford.

2. Four shrimps, each square indicative of a crustacean. Princess Charlotte Bay.

3. Honey: the cells of the comb. Cape Bedford. N.B.—This figure has other meanings: e.g., the squares represent the:

(1) Scales of crocodile. (Middle) Palmer River.
of iguana, Night Island, Burketown.

(2) Lobes of fat, bandicoot. (Lower) Palmer River.

4. Wasps' nest. Burketown. See also Pl. XII, 8.

5. Hornets' nest (drawn on the flat). Princess Charlotte Bay.

6. Hollow log: symbolic of the honey inside it. Princess Charlotte Bay.

7. Tree: with woman (thumb) hiding below. Princess Charlotte Bay.

8. Palm-tree: with man (toe) hiding below. Princess Charlotte Bay (at Night Island this figure represents a woman with out-stretched arms and legs).