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String Figures and
How to Make Them


At some time in your youth no doubt you took a loop of strung and made a cats cradle a Jacobs ladder or some other type of figure by looping and crossing the strung between the fingers But perhaps you were not aware that thus us actually an ancient form of amusement that it us practiced in all parts of the globe and is especially popular among primitive tribes And you probably didn't realize what a great variety of figures can be formed by a simple loop of string.

Thus book describes in a simple and easy to follow manner how to make no less than 107 different string figures just as they are made in their land of origin It is the only book on the subject in English that gives a thorough and readily understandable treatment so that a beginner can follow the steps and make the figures without the help of a teacher The figures offer an excellent means for developing manual dexterity and coordination between brain and hand and present a challenge to personal inventiveness too since they are capable of infinite variations These games are fun for people of all ages intelligent children can do them easily and adults fund great enjoyment in them Two people can play the strung games together one using has left hand and the other his right and many of the games even require four hands

The description of each figure and the process of making it is acoompanied by several simply drawn sketches that show each distinct step as it would he viewed by the person making the figure The illustrator has taken great care to show in each sketch all the loops all the intertwinings as they should appear at each stage in the process so that there us no reason for anyone to have undue difficulty in making any of the figures

Besides those who simply want to use the book as a source of amusement the book will be of great interest to anthropologists and collectors of strung figures since it greatly increases the knowledge of string games and their distribution around the word

Unabridged republicatuin of original edition. Index. Biblography. Introduction by A C Haddon of Cambridge University. 17 full page plates 950 illustrations. xxiii + 407pp 5⅜ × 8⅓

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