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at little more than two cents each;—10 of them well bound in a cloth case, embossed in silver, for 35 cents.

The thought is this: As a Christian man or woman you have children or relatives or neighbors or friends open to your influence—perhaps, indeed, asking your counsel—asking, "How do we know that there is a God?" or, "What proofs have we that the Bible is inspired?" It is no longer wise to call these silly questions, nor to ask, "Are you an infidel?"

However competent you might be to prepare answers to these and a score of other questions, you may not have the needed time and opportunity to do so. How convenient then to step to your book-case, take down the proper study on the subject, and to say to the inquirer, Sit down and read that short study, and the whole matter of your question will be fully and satisfactorily settled; and if your doubts ever again arise come over and read the same afresh.

Possibly you may be a member of an Epworth League or Christian Endeavor Society, or of a Baptist Young People's Union, and may be called on for an essay on some Scripture topic. How convenient to select one among these numerous studies (covering almost every topic) and to find therein the appropriate Scriptures cited. Ministers use them thus when composing special sermons and addresses.

Ministers who have large libraries touching every conceivable religious topic—many volumes costing $6 to to $8 per volume—may not feel their need of these "Bible Studies," but to others they are almost indispensable. Indeed, in addition to the price feature, which brings them within the reach of everybody—six volumes of over 3,000 pages for $2.25—the usual price of one such volume—they are written in pure, but simple English, whereas the "scholarly works" are replete with technical terms and only for the few.

We invite Christian people of all denominations to join us in our work of extending these "helping hands" to the rising generation. A single friend or relative helped—rescued from doubt or unbelief—would repay the cost of these studies a thousand times.