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Noah's day, Luther's day, Washington's day \ and thus in the Bible the entire time of creation is called a day, where we read of "the day that Jehovah God made the earth and the heavens " (Gen. 2 : 4) a long, definite period. Then we read of "the day of temptation in the wilderness" forty years (Heb. 3 : 8, 9); " the day of salvation " (2 Cor. 6 : 2); also the "day of vengeance," "day of wrath" and "day of trouble" terms applied to a period of forty years in the close of the Jewish age, and to a similar period of trouble in the end of the Gospel age. Then again we read of the "day of Christ," the "day of judgment," and "his day" terms applicable to the Millennial age, in which Messiah will reign over, rule and judge the world in righteousness, granting trial as well as rendering sentence. And of that period it is written : He shall judge the world in righteousness, and in his day shall show who is that blessed and only potentate, the King of kings and Lord of lords. (Acls 17 : 31 ; i Tim. 6 : 15.) Why any should sup- pose this day of judgment to be of but twelve or twenty- four hours, while recognizing the wider meaning of the word day in other similar cases, is beyond comprehension, except upon the supposition that they have been influenced by tradition, without proper evidence or investigation.

Those who will carefully consult a complete concordance of the Bible with reference to the Day of Judgment, and note the kind and amount of work to be accomplished within that period, will soon see the absurdity of the com mon view, and the necessity for giving to the term day its wider significance.

While the Scriptures speak of a great judgment or trial day yet future, and show that the masses of mankind are to have their complete trial and final sentence in that day, they also teach that there have been other judgment days, during which certain elect classes have been on trial.

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