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Joy in the Morning. li

tion of this statement is to the just ( ji;3tlf;et:} as a class. Patriarchs, prophets, apostles and saints of the past and present have walked in its increasing light ; and the light will continue to increase beyond the present "unto the perfect day. 1 ' It is one continuous path, and the one con- tinuous and increasing light is the Divine Record, illumin- ating as it becomes due.

Therefore, "Rejoice in the Lord, ye righteous/' expe&- ing the fulfilment of this promise. Many have so little faith that they do not look for more light, and, because of their unfaithfulness and unconcern, they are permitted to sit in darkness, when they might have been walking in the increasing light.

The Spirit of God, given to guide the Church into truth, will take of the things written and show them unto us; but beyond what is written we need nothing, for the Holy Scriptures are able to make wise unto salvation, through faith which is in Christ Jesus. 2 Tim. 3 : 15.

While it is still true that " darkness covers the earth and gross darkness the people," the world is not always to re- main in this condition. We are assured that " the morning cometh." (Isa. 21 : 12.) As now God causes the natural sun to shine upon the just and the unjust, so the Sun of Righteousness will, in the Millennial day, shine for the bene- fit of all the world, and " bring to light the hidden things of darkness." (i Cor. 4:5.) It will dispel the noxious vapors of evil, and bring life, health, peace and joy.

Looking into the past we find that then the light shone but feebly. Dim and obscure were the promises of past ages. The promises made to Abraham and others, and typically represented in the law and ceremonies of fleshly Israel, were only shadows and gave but a vague idea of God's wonderful and gracious designs. As we reach the days of Jesus the light increases. The height of expedt-

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