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"of the gambling houses and Mr. Albert C. Rhan, Paying Teller of that bank, knew that I was using that assumed name. I was ordered to make Mr. Rahn a present of about $15.00 per week and when I went to the bank to purchase cashier's checks or to get change for the bank roll he took care of me promptly. The cashier's checks referred to above have this day been inspected by me and they bear the following numbers: 110740—109313—109314—109354—109357—109450—109484—109577—109799—109900—109918—109995—110064—110147—110180—110219—110309—110580—110788—110890—110954—111006—111029—111115—111202—111237—111362—111419—111525—111693—111758—112037—113454—113488—113628—122383—122385—122484—122545—122547—123077—123900.

"This is a voluntary statement which I have carefully read. No promises were made to me for the purpose of securing this statement and no force or duress was used by the Government agents to whom I made this statement. This is a statement consisting of ten pages and I have initialed each page. This statement is made in response to questions asked by Special Agents of the Internal Revenue Bureau during the course of an official investigation."

There is submitted herewith, marked Exhibit No. 14, a schedule of cashier's checks amounting to $202,000.00 purchased by Ries under the name of J. C. Dunbar, representing a part of the net profits of the gambling business of the Capone syndicate in Cicero while he was employed as cashier. There is submitted herewith as Exhibit No. 15, one of the cashier's checks for $2,500.00 purchased by Ries under the name of Dunbar and which beers the indorsement of Alphonse Capone. There is submitted herewith as Exhibit No. 16, a sworn statement dated May 30, 1931, made by Mr. J. K. Brower of Palm Beach, Florida, relating to payments made to him by Al Capone for landscape work performed on the Capone estate, Miami Beach, Florida, at which time Capone stated in explaining the use of Jack Guzik's checks to make the payments, that Mr. Guzik was his financial secretary. Mr. Brower further stated that in 1928 he was in charge of the Landscape Department of the Exotic Gardens of Miami, Miami, Florida, that he had charge of the work done on the Capone estate, that he received three payments from Al Capone, the first on June 19, 1928 being a check for $500.00 signed by Jack Guzik. The second payment on June 28th amounted to $1,000.00 being checks for $500.00, $200.00 and $300.00 signed by Jack Guzik and that the third payment of $600.00 was made to him on July 1, 1928, that all the payments were personally made to him by Alphonse Capone, that when the payments were made Mr. Capone had a large number of checks in his possession for various amounts drawn to cash, signed by Jack Guzik, and that in explaining the use of the Guzik checks, Capone told him that Mr. Guzik had charge of his finances and acted as his financial secretary. Mr. Brower also identified the book records of the Exotic Gardens relating to the above payments.

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