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the entry represents the commissions earned by the prostitute on sales of liquor to customers, and column No. 7 represents the total amount earned by the prostitute. Various other large expenses also taken from the income of the women for meals, auto transportation from a downtown hotel to their place of employment and for room rent at the hotel where the syndicate required them to live. In addition to the income from the prostitutes reflected on these exhibits, the syndicate also had considerable income at the Harlem Inn from sales of liquor and from meals served to patrons. There is submitted herewith as Exhibit 37-A, a newspaper report of a raid which the West Suburban Citizens Association forced the sheriff to make on the Harlem Inn on March 7, 1925. There is attached as Exhibit No. 37-B, a copy of the record of the Appellate Court of Illinois, case No. 30463, relating to the raids on the Harlem Inn on March 7, 1925 and subsequent dates. In this court record appears the testimony of witnesses proving that this place was an established house of prostitution. An injunction was issued by the court against the premises. There is attached as Exhibit No. 37-C, a copy of a memorandum petition of the people of the State of Illinois versus Jeannette Keithly, case No, B-118477, wherein various overt acts committed by the owners of the Harlem Inn are set forth. There is attached as Exhibit No. 37-D, a copy of a decree issued in the Circuit Court of Cook County, case B-118477, restraining Louis Lipschultz and Jeannette Keithly from further use of the Harlem Inn for such purposes and requiring that a bond of $3,000.00 be furnished to insure that the nuisance would be abated promptly. There is attached as Exhibit No. 37-E, a copy of a sworn statement made on June 25, 1931, before Special Agent M. F. Malone by Mr. John Grigus, in which Grigus states that he is a heating contractor; that he installed the heating plant for Al Capone in Stickney; that upon completion of the work Al Capone paid him $1,100.00; that the payment was made to him by Capone in the place known as the Harlem Inn and Grigus identified a receipted bill covering that work. The receipted bill of Mr. Grigus for the heating plant was found at the Harlem Inn at the same time the daily records were found relating to the income of the prostitutes at the Harlem Inn.

In spite of the injunction issued by the court against the Harlem Inn, the place was reopened and during our investigation we developed that it was again being used for the same purpose. We also discovered that the Capone organization was operating another house of prostitution a short way from there known as the Shadow Inn; that

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