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Dykes Iron Works, Inc., relating to this transaction and there is submitted herewith as Exhibit No. 100-B, a photostat copy of deposit slip made by him on June 26, 1928, showing a check deposited on that date for $500, signed by Jack Guzik.

There is submitted herewith as Exhibit No.101, the transcript of the testimony of Earl A. Corbett, of Chicago, Illinois. Mr. Corbett stated that he was a salesman employed by Marshall Field & Company in the Custom Shirt Department; that on November 14, 1928, he sold Al Capone 28 ties at $4.00 each, 28 handkerchiefs at $3.00 and $2.75 each, the total bill being $213.50, and that on the same day Capone purchased other item of merchandise for $36.50, $48.00 and $46.50. He produced the records of Marshall Field & Company relating to these transactions.

There is submitted herewith as Exhibit No. 102, transcript of the testimony of Miss Johanna E. Sullivan, of Chicago, Illinois. Miss Sullivan stated that she was employed as a bookkeeper at the S. & L. Motor Company of Chicago, Illinois, in 1928; that the records of the company show that in 1928 business was conducted with Al Brown of 2300 Michigan Avenue (Metropole Hotel), Chicago; that he purchased a seven passenger Lincoln Sedan on May 18, 1928 for $5,380.75, and that a used seven passenger Lincoln was turned in on the transaction, for which he was allowed $2,630.75.

There is submitted herewith as Exhibit No. 103, a sworn statement of John Newton Lummis, Jr., of Miami, Florida, dated September 5, 1931, and Exhibit No. 103-A, a transcript of his testimony at the trial. Mr. Lummis stated that he was in the real estate business and is at the present time tax assessor in Dade County, Florida; that he knew the defendant, Alphonse Capone; that in 1928 he was connected with the real estate company that sold a home to Capone; that he and Parker Henderson took Capone to inspect several houses at Miami Beach; that Capone purchased for $40,000 a place on Palm Island; that $2,000 in cash as a down payment was made by Parker Henderson; that $8,000.00 in cash was paid at the closing of the transaction, the property being deeded at the request of Capone to Parker Henderson, and the balance of $30,000 was secured by three notes signed by Henderson for $10,000 each, due in one, two and three years. He identified a certified copy of the deed to the property at Palm Island, stating that he saw it in his real estate office at the time of the transaction and that it covered the property known as No. 93, Palm Island, described as lot 8, block K, of Palm Island.

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